How to Use - For DJs

Tips/Best Practices for DJs

DJs! Be creative in formatting the game to your style. Here are some of our recommendations on how to run the game:


  1. Give the question/answer sheet to the Bride & Groom first (preferrably in your pre-planning meetings) so that you have their answers to the 20 questions beforehand.
  2. Determine with bride & groom if they want to include the Free Drink tickets (pre-plan).
  3. Mix up the bag a bit just to make sure the tickets are randomly distributed.
  4. Divide the tickets up evenly per table or per guest. A full bag was designed to accommodate group up to 175 people (minimum 5 tickets per person). A quick way to distribute the tickets is to prearrange in bundles of 50 tickets per table in a basket, or, place the tickets at each guest spot in a pattern.
  5. Place one answer sheet and one pencil at each table.


  1. Timing
    • Upon arrival of guests or during social hour.
      • Recommend pre-setting the tickets and answer/how to play sheet on each table. Guests can casually open the tickets and write in answers. Later, when bride & groom arrive, or even during dinner, the DJ/Emcee can go over the answers and entertain.
    • Between conclusion of dinner and before the dance.
  2. Present the tickets and explain.
  3. Show guests how to open tickets.
  4. Instruct them to provide answers as a group/table and write their table name on the answer sheet. Encourage them to be creative.
  5. DJ mingle with tables to assist, have the question sheet handy in case some tables cannot find all the questions.
  6. “Prize” tickets - will require interaction with guests! To be effective, use a wireless mic and mingle amongst the tables and interact directly with guests as they are opening the tickets. Here are some of our suggestions, open to interpretation.
    • Lead the “Selfie w/Bride” winners over to the Bride for a group picture with a selfie stick.
    • “Kiss to Copy” guests holding this ticket can demonstrate a kiss for the Bride & Groom to copy
    • “Share a Story” - ask guest to tell a story about the bride or groom, or how they met, etc.
    • Bring up the “Dance Off” winners for a dance contest, or lead a conga line, or something along those lines.
    • “Marriage Advice” ask guest to give the Bride & Groom marriage advice.
    • Highlight the person who opens the “chicken” to lead the chicken dance later in the night. There 1 single chicken in each bag, so you could also use the chicken as an exclusive prize of some kind.
    • Collect answer sheets from each table, and go through the Bride & Groom’s answers. Grade the answer sheets quickly and announce a winning table!

Have fun and keep ‘em smiling!